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ITS2 marker

Recognized types: A7 A7a A7b B1 B17 B36 C1 C116 C120 C120a C131 C15 C15c C15e C15f C161 C161a C162 C163 C164 C165 C166 C17 C1aa C1b C1c C1c-42a C1c,t-42a C1c* C1d C1i C1j C1k C1kk C1LL C1m C1m-aa C1q C1r C20 C21 C22 C22a C23 C24 C25 C26 C26a C26b C27 C28 C3 C3-ff C31 C31b C33 C33a C35 C35a C37a C3ff C3h C3ha C3i C3j C3k C3n C3n-hh C3n-t C3nn C3nt C3t C40 C40a C42 C42a C42ab C42b C60 C61 C62 C64 C65 C65a C67 C68 C69a C73 C78 C78a C79 C8 C84a C8a C8b D(undefined) D1 D1-4 D1a D3 D4 D4-5 D4-5-9 Symbiodinium sp. Amakusa I Symbiodinium sp. ex Heteroxenia Symbiodinium sp. PtlsK1-2 Symbiodinium sp. StereoSH1

Author-defined types:  A(undefined) C# C1 C120new C15 C15new1 C15new2 C17 C17* C1c C21new C26 C3 C3* C31 CnewFN7 Cnewsymp D G Symbiodinium sp. ex Heteroxenia

18S marker

Recognized types: B C

ITS1 marker

Recognized types: A(undefined) B1 B36 C(undefined) C1 C1:3a C1.3a C15 C1a C1c C1q C2 C3 C33 C33a C35a C3a C3nt C3t C4 C42a C64 C78a C79 C84a C8a D(undefined) D3 G(undefined)

Author-defined types:  A A(undefined) C dot C1 C1 C1:3a C2 C3 C4 Cn D D(undefined)

cp23S marker

Recognized types: C(undefined) C1 C3 C33 C33a C35 C35a C3n-t C3nt C42a C42b C78a C79 C8a G2

psbA marker

Recognized types: C17 C21 C26a C3 C31 C3h C3k

LSU D1/D2 marker

Recognized types: A7 B1 C(undefined) C1 C15 C17 C1b C21 C3 C33 C33a C35a C3n-t C42 C42a C42b C78a C79 C8a Clsu1 Clsu10 Clsu11 Clsu12 Clsu13 Clsu2 Clsu3 Clsu4 Clsu5 Clsu6 Clsu7 Clsu8 Clsu9 D1a Dlsu1 Dlsu2

Please reference as: Tonk L*, Bongaerts P*, Sampayo EM, Hoegh-Guldberg O (2013) SymbioGBR: a web-based database of
Symbiodinium associated with cnidarian hosts on the Great Barrier Reef.
BMC Ecology 13:7