Host Species - Cespitularia sp. (ITS2)

Data based on 9 samples from 3 locations from Central GBR, Northern GBR.
Found in association with 3 distinct profiles, containing 3 ITS2 subtype(s), belonging to clade(s) C.

Overview of Symbiodinium ITS2 associations (alternative markers: ITS1 )

Symbiodinium type (ITS2) number of samples percentage of total reported samples
other DNA regions n = 1 11.1%
C1 n = 1 11.1%
C15 n = 6 66.7%
C1q n = 1 11.1%

Reported Symbiodinium ITS2 associations per location (alternative markers: ITS1 )

Region Location Symbiodinium ITS2 types
Northern GBR Day reef C1 (n = 1)
Central GBR John Brewer Reef C1q (n = 1)
  Lodestone Reef C15 (n = 6)
Displayed data is extracted from the following publications: Goulet 2008b (link) Tonk 2014 (link)

Please reference as: Tonk L*, Bongaerts P*, Sampayo EM, Hoegh-Guldberg O (2013) SymbioGBR: a web-based database of
Symbiodinium associated with cnidarian hosts on the Great Barrier Reef.
BMC Ecology 13:7