In order to maintain quality standards and avoid double-naming of new sequences SymbioGBR will not provide the option to individually upload information to the web-based database. However, our aim is to keep the database updated with every peer-reviewed publication on Symbiodinium diversity on the GBR and we hope that other scientists will assist with contributions to guarantee provision of the most comprehensive and current overview of host-Symbiodinium associations on the GBR.

Contents: For any inquiries regarding the contents of this database please contact Linda Tonk: l.tonk[at]
Web portal: Inquiries or suggestions regarding the web portal should be directed to Pim Bongaerts: pim[at]

Please reference as: Tonk L*, Bongaerts P*, Sampayo EM, Hoegh-Guldberg O (2013) SymbioGBR: a web-based database of
Symbiodinium associated with cnidarian hosts on the Great Barrier Reef.
BMC Ecology 13:7